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Londji is not only a beautiful fishermen village in Cameroon but also a project initiated several years ago in Barcelona with emphasis on art, toys and games.

In 2004 the full focus was on toys and games resulting in a search of traditional toys and games, often forgotten, that were combined with our own designs.

Londji keeps growing thanks to the work of a team that uses the following ingredients: a base of enthusiasm in making honest products, good doses of imagination and some drops of innovation.

Our motto, original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old. Quality toys proudly made in Barcelona

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Londji planets puzzleFor ages 3 all the way to 100, Londji Puzzles are innovative and fun. With pieces ranging from 10 to 500. Educational puzzles include, Discover the Dinosaurs, Medieval and Ancient Egypt puzzles.

Londji also produce fun Micropuzzles, themes include, Nature, Classics, Cities. All in a handy to carry tube.


Games and Kaleidoscopes


Major Tom bee eye Londji take great pride in the wide range of kaleidoscopes. Available in displays of 12. They can be ordered in single displays or mixed displays. Themes include Nature, Classic Art, World, Medieval amongst many more.

Londji are continually inventing new games, or modern slants on traditional games. There are many Memo themes, again, including Medieval, Pirates, Sports, and Ocean.

All games are made with great care and attention to the environment.